[2017-01-06] AC Last Desc 2 - THUMB


In Tomb of the Khan, we find the young protagonists exploring the mountains of Mongolian China on a hunt for the mysterious Trident of Eden.

01/06/201712:00 PM

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[2016-12-21] AC Newcomers - Assassins vs Templars - THUMB

Assassins vs Templars

Known to only a few, the secret war between Assassins and Templars has spanned the globe and has its roots in the very foundations of human civilization.

12/21/201609:00 AM

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[2016-12-21] AC Newcomers - Templar Order - THUMB

The Templar Order

Shrouded in secrecy, the Templar Order has worked for untold centuries with the singular goal of bringing humanity under the uncontested control of an intellectual elite.

12/21/201609:00 AM

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Update on the “No Face” Bug

11/18/2014 03:06 PM

There are a number of images circulating online of character models from Assassin’s Creed Unity missing textures, dubbed the “no face” bug. 

In order to find how players are encountering this issue we tested it rigorously and have discovered that this only occurs on PCs with one of two specific graphics cards, and in both cases the issue is resolved with the application of the Day 1 patch (as well as all future patches).

This should not be affecting any players who are allowing their game to be automatically patched as recommended with updates as they are released. If you believe you are seeing this issue under any other circumstance, contact our support team and let us know!

- The Live Updates Team

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Patch 5 is Now Available

Latest patch includes fixes to ACU and Dead Kings

02/18/201509:23 AM

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Club Competitions FAQ

Some further details on the Club Competitions feature

01/23/201501:44 p.m.

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AC Initiates Status

Assassin's Creed Initiates will be unavailable during the holidays


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