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The Evolution of the Animus

The history of the Animus is intricately tied to the history of Abstergo and the Templar Order. From the earliest concept to the version seen in the film, we're exploring the history of the Animus.

12/07/201609:00 AM

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[2016-11-15] AC Essential Guide - THUMB


Want to know about the concept of the Hidden Blade and why some Assassins are missing a finger? Maybe you need a refresher on Templar Warren Vidic?

11/15/201612:00 PM

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The Ezio Collection Map Series

Florence, Rome, Constantinople: these stunning metropolises had an enormous impact on Ezio Auditore's journey to being a Master Assassin.

11/14/201609:00 AM

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Patch 4 Coming December 15

12/11/2014 06:05

We expect that Patch 4 will be released next week on Monday, December 15 across all platforms. This patch will address issues with stability and performance as well as online matchmaking and connectivity (among other fixes and improvements). 

For optimal performance before and after the patch, PC players using AMD video cards should be sure to install the latest drivers, those using nVidia cards can download their latest drivers here

-The Live Updates Team

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Patch 5 is Now Available

Latest patch includes fixes to ACU and Dead Kings

02/18/201509:23 AM

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Club Competitions FAQ

Some further details on the Club Competitions feature

01/23/201501:44 p.m.

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AC Initiates Status

Assassin's Creed Initiates will be unavailable during the holidays


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