Inside Assassin’s Creed: Episode Two


Inside Assassin’s Creed III: Episode Two focuses on warfare and combat styles. We’ll look at the types of battles taking place during the American Revolution, as well as the weaponry and tactics used by Connor, the game’s hero. We’ll examine the odds the Colonists were facing, taking on the most powerful army of the day, as well as the overall brutality of the revolution. This war ravaged environment created a huge challenge for the development team.

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Our historians and weapons experts discuss the details of the muskets, bayonets, hand axes, and other weaponry of the era. Although these weapons seem crude by today’s standards, they were nonetheless deadly, creating a bloody battlefield filled with both ranged and hand-to-hand combat.


Get a look at the weapons in Connor’s arsenal through the eyes of the developers. Much of the fighting of the era was hand-to-hand, so many of Connor’s weapons are built for close quarters combat. Weapons like the tomahawk, and hidden blade. Connor rounds out his arsenal with tools tied to his native lineage, such as the Bow, and exotic devices like the rope-dart.


The animation team discusses the challenges of creating a new combat system for Connor’s unique fighting style. New weapons and creating a seamless flow fighting through multiple targets required the combat system to be rebuilt from the ground up. Fight specialists lend their expertise and comment on the authenticity of Connor’s moves.


The Colonists were outnumbered, but had learned from the natives to use the environment to their advantage by attacking quickly and disappearing. This misdirection based hit and run combat style is the perfect environment for an Assassin like Connor to showcase his skills.

Next time: Connor, the hero behind the revolution.

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