All new copies of Assassin’s Creed III include an insert with a Uplay Passport code which grants full access to multiplayer and exclusive in-game rewards. Here’s what the Uplay Passport unlocks for you in the game.

The Uplay Passport will grant you unlimited access to multiplayer content, unlocks an exclusive multiplayer character, and more. Assassin's Creed III brings a whole new set of unique locales, characters, abilities and perks to the acclaimed Assassin's Creed multiplayer. Express your skills as a master assassin through a variety of modes ranging from classic Deathmatch to co-op and team-based modes like Wolfpack and Domination.

Redeeming the Uplay Passport grants you the following multiplayer content:

  • Exclusive multiplayer character (The Silent Shadow)
  • Emblem Shadow Face
  • Shadow Patron Picture (Mohawk)
  • Shadow Title (The Truthfull)
  • XP Boost


Raised in seclusion by his Mohawk father, away from his own people, Atasá:ta was trained in the art of hunting. He lived a quiet life of contentment until he found his father brutally slain by a British raiding party. Now, hungry for revenge, he makes the cities of the newcomers his new hunting grounds as he searches for those responsible.

AC3 Uplay Passport Rewards


Your unique Uplay Passport code is located on the insert card inside the game box. You will be prompted to activate your Uplay Passport when loading the game: you may be asked to either log into your Uplay account or optionally create a new one.

If your game’s Uplay Passport has already been redeemed (such as if you’ve bought a used copy of this game), you will be able to play multiplayer but your progression will be limited to level 10. You can purchase a new Uplay Passport code online, on the Xbox Live Marketplace or the Playstation Store.


AC3 Theme
If you redeem the Theme from the Uplay application on console, you will be prompted to download the Theme automatically.

If you've redeemed the Theme from another Uplay location, such as uplay.com or the iOS app, you will need to go to Uplay on your console to download the Theme. Start Uplay from the main menu of the game, select the "Rewards" box with the percentage on the Uplay home screen, then select the first Reward.

Ezio's outfit
Once redeemed, the outfit will be available in the basement of the Homestead Mansion, with the other outfits you might unlock in the game.

Life scratcher pack
Tool pouch upgrades have to be "crafted". You will find the recipes by going to an Accounting book in the Mansion or any general store, as Clerg pointed out. Redeeming the Life Scratcher Pack will allow you to upgrade to a larger quantity than what would have been available otherwise.

The Life Scratcher Pack also unlocks some additional profile items for multiplayer.

Renegade MP Character
Once redeemed, the Renegade should be available from the character selection in Multiplayer, and the corresponding profile items will be added alongside the others.

For more information on the Uplay Passport, please refer to the following article on our Support website: Using Uplay Passport with Assassin's Creed III

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