RATONHNHAKÉ:TON's Power of the Wolf

The first episode of our Tyranny of King Washington DLC introduces Wolf Powers! See how they work here.

The first single-player DLC release for Assassin’s Creed III has just been released! In order to fully prepare our Assassins for The Tyranny of King Washington – Episode 1: The Infamy, we’ve got a detailed look at Ratonhnhaké:ton’s (who you may be more familiar with as Connor) new supernatural abilities and how they work in this alternate AC3 universe. Each of these abilities were created within the Assassin’s Creed gameplay pillars of stealth, combat and navigation and serve to augment the classic AC gameplay you love with a fresh and exciting twist.

Connor Wolf Powers Artwork

The first power Ratonhnhaké:ton can earn is the Power of the Wolf, which actually adds two related but separate abilities to his repertoire. Upon earning the Power of the Wolf, Ratonhnhaké:ton will gain the ability to cloak himself in shadow at any time, concealing himself from view even in plain sight! With this ability, Ratonhnhaké:ton can sneak by patrols for a stealthy approach or slink into the underbrush in order kill quickly, silently and invisibly.

Before you start thinking of the Power of the Wolf as an “I WIN” button, you must know that it comes with a price: use of the Power of the Wolf drains Ratonhnhaké:ton’s life-force. So, use the ability sparingly and tactically or you will die. Such gifts are not given without commitment.

In addition to adopting the stealthy demeanor of the wolf, Ratonhnhaké:ton will also gain dominion over his wolf pack. This enables him to command a troop of wolves as though he were their Alpha and lead them into battle. Typically, three wolves will answer Ratonhnhaké:ton’s call, which he can engage just as Connor would have called upon his Assassin Brotherhood. Bloodthirsty and eager to prove themselves to their new leader, these wolves are even more lethal than any you’ve previously encountered in Assassin’s Creed III.

The Tyranny of King Washington – Episode 1: The Infamy is now available for Season Pass-holders or for $ 9.99.
For more information please visit http://assassinscreed.com/dlc

The revolution was just the beginning, Assassins!

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