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Takeover Multiplayer Community Event!

This weekend 12/13 - 12/15, step into the boots of Blackbeard and participate in the latest Multiplayer Community Event!

TakeoverThis weekend, December 13th - December 15th, we invite you to participate in our new multiplayer event, Takeover. Enter Wanted mode on two exclusive maps – Plantation and Fort Saint Mathieu – and play as one of our three new DLC characters! 

About the event:
During the event players will play in the Wanted game mode. 

Objectives and Rewards:

Individual Goal: 
Perform a kill with the scoring multiplier active. (15 times)

Individual Reward:  
(1) Emblem Symbol the Pirate Flag.

Participation Goal
Complete a session from the event playlist.

Participation Reward:  
Achieve the title "The Pirate Legend."

Community Reward:
To unlock the new maps for play in other game modes you must reach the community objective. To find out what the community objectives are, log into Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag this weekend and participate in the event!

Available Systems:
This event will be run on Playstation 3, Xbox-360 and PC.  The next-gen version of the event will come at a later date.


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