To enjoy the best possible gameplay experience, we highly recommend downloading the Assassin’s Creed Day One Patch. For more info, read the complete patch notes below.

With the worldwide, multi-platform release of Assassin’s creed IV, we have created a patch intended to optimize player experience. If your console is connected to the internet, we recommend that you download the patch immediately, before starting gameplay.

Though this is a thorough patch, we invite you to contact Ubisoft Support [www.support.ubi.com] or reach out on Twitter [www.twitter.com/UbisoftSupport] should you encounter additional issues. We strive to deliver the best possible gameplay experience and will remain vigilant and be aggressive in solving any issues that should arise.

Find below a list of fixes and updates in the Assassin’s Creed IV Day One patch. Be forewarned that some notes may contain spoilers.


Single Player

-          Fixed a number of visual bugs.

-          Fixed several AI behaviour issues affecting guards, crew and NPCs.

-          Fixed a number of bugs in the game menus.

-          Fixed issues with the use of Eagle Eye mode.

-          Fixed several Uplay connection and sign-in issues.

-          Fixed a number of broken mission and side-mission objectives.

-          Fixed a number of item-related bugs.

-          Fixed a bug making the player unable to release the wheel during a storm.

-          Added support for the streaming Freedom Cry trailer.

-          Fixed a bug causing the hunter's ship to be repaired after exiting combat.

-          Fixed a bug causing reconnection to take over 2 minutes.

-          Sequence 1 : Fixed a bug that made it impossible to kill Duncan Walpole.

-          Sequence 2 : Fixed a bug stopping players from climbing if they select “quit to menu” while being prompted to climb.

-          Sequence 7: Fixed a bug making it impossible to find key holder after finishing the mission.

-          Sequence 9: Fixed an issue keeping the mission-giving NPC from spawning.

-          Sequence 10: Fixed a bug preventing pirates from spawning once the jungle is cleared in the Mayan stele event.


Single Player

-          Fixed various rare crashes, freezes and infinite load times

-          Fixed a bug claiming the disc is unreadable when accepting a game invite from DLC.

-          Fixed a bug causing the player to become stuck on the "Logging in to Ubisoft servers" message if they remove their storage media on this screen.

-          Fixed a bug causing the player to get stuck in a black screen when replaying some missions.



-          Fixed a problem where you couldn’t join a game session after accepting a Uplay generated invitation.

-          Fixed a problem where you couldn’t buy Erudito Credits while in any matchmaking.



-          The proper portrait is now displayed for your target, instead of the Physician’s portrait all the time.

-          Players can no longer get +1 in the variety count after performing a kill with the poison dart from an acrobatic position.

-          Fixed an exploit where players could evade Time Phase by running while holding B.

-          In Manhunt, the screen no longer displays a multi-target feedback when joining a game as a prey.

-          The map now shows the target as a contract after failing a sync kill.

-          Players can now stun while hiding in a haystack.

-          Fixed an issue where players could sometimes have the Disguise ability or the Money Bomb ability set on both ability slots.

-          Fixed an exploit where the accolades unlocked on an account would remain unlocked if the player signed out and then signed in with another account.

-          Players hurt by knives no longer see their iteration range reduced.

-          The daily XP boost is now reset every day.

-          Fixed an exploit where a player could kill a target by pressing repeatedly the kill button while targeting for the second time.

-          Fixed an issue where booby traps would remain active after exploding if the owner was more than 40 meters away from it.

-          The Teleport ability now works even after using the Minor Hack perk.



-          Players are no longer re-directed to a corrupted menu via certain champion packs in the news menu.

-          Some HUD elements no longer disappear during the second round on Manhunt when Advanced preset is selected.

-          The correct Prestige level now shows in the single player menu if you’ve reached the max amount of experience possible in multiplayer.

-          The feedback from the Resilience perk no longer remains present when using Money Sink as the perk is active.

-          Fixed a problem where the game would go black screen for about 5 second after the score screen at the end of a session.

-          The correct best value is now displayed after achieving appropriate accolades.



-          The game no longer crashes when players leave the game during the saving process on the “Connecting to Abstergo” screen.

-          The game no longer crashes after accepting a group invite from the Emblems sub-menu.

-          The game no longer crashes at the end of a Wolfpack session while players are playing in Limited Mode.

-          The game no longer crashes under certain circumstances if the player remains idle after a Deathmatch rematch.

-          The game no longer crashes to black screen under certain circumstances at the beginning of a clan VS clan Manhunt session.



-          Fixed an issue where your Multiplayer level was shown as Prestige 100 in single player under certain conditions.

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