First AC3 Single-Player Event

This week, head out into the Frontier, Boston or New York and rack up the kills!

Today begins the first of what will be a series of several single-player events where you will compete with your fellow AC3 players to win prizes! This first event is called “LEAVE NO WITNESSES” and to win, you will need to kill as many enemies as possible in the single-player campaign – replaying memories counts, so even if you’ve already completed the main game and side quests, you still have a chance to win!


The top scoring player on each platform (Xbox 360, PS3) will win a Season Pass good for unlocking all upcoming DLC once it is released. That’s right… you get everything that is coming for AC3 as soon as it is available! We’ll also be giving away one Season Pass to a random participant on each platform, so even if you don’t win, there is still a chance to grab a Season Pass!

Sign up on Assassin’s Network, just click here and select EVENTS:


May fortune favor your blade Assassin!


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