Assassin’s Creed III Special Editions Revealed!

Welcome Assassins! The revolution is just beginning and we have lots of great news to share in the run up to E3 and beyond. By now, you’ll already have met our new Assassin Connor, and his role in the American War of Independence – it’s an exciting time for fans as we start to reveal more about the man, his mission, and the new weapons at his disposal.

The UK press got its first look at the game at a recent event in London – featuring a full troop of British Red Coats! We’ve also got huge previews in the latest issues of Official Xbox Magazine, Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine and Nintendo Gamer.

"Potentially the most interesting protagonist of the series so far." – Official Xbox Magazine

"Assassin’s Creed has never looked this good, nor felt so free" – Official PlayStation Magazine

In other news, we have also just announced two incredible special editions of Assassin’s Creed III, now available to pre-order!


'Join or Die' was a famous political cartoon drawn by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States. It was created as a symbol colonial unity and freedom, and is now the inspiration for our incredible Assassin’s Creed III special edition.

This collector’s edition includes an AC medallion, George Washington Notebook and a ULC pack featuring the bonus mission “Ghost of War” and Sharpshooter MP character.


Acclaimed comic artist Alex Ross (Spider-Man, Kingdom Come) is the genius behind our Freedom Edition, the most deluxe version of Assassin’s Creed III.

This incredible package comes with a special collector’s box, a 24 cm tall figure of Connor, a steelbook designed by Alex Ross, a George Washington note book and loads of great ULC.

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Experience trailer #1: Nieuwe engine, Nieuwe gameplay

Creative Director Alex Amancio presenteert de technologische vooruitgang waarmee je een unieke ervaring in Assassin's Creed Unity beleeft. Met een hertekende game engine, verfijnde vechtskills en gevechtssysteem, maar ook met een adembenemende atmosfeer: welkom bij de echte new-gen ervaring!

07/22/201405:29 PM

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ACU_NEWS_LARGE - EMEA -  watch_page_ACU_revolution_gameplay [legacy]

Revolution Gameplay Trailer

Geniet van de geprezen Assassin's Creed Unity, die meer dan 50 E3 awards & nominaties heeft gekregen.

07/14/201406:05 PM

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ACU_NEWS_LARGE - EMEA -  watch_page_ACU_context_video [legacy]

Middenin de Franse Revolutie

Parijs, het jaar 1789. Het gewone volk verhongert in de straten terwijl de aristocraten de rijkdom van de natie verkwisten.


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